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We recognize that your restaurant is an integral part of the history and fabric of your community. As you make plans to welcome customers back to your dining room, we want to help you spread the word. The ServSafe Commitment provides customers with the assurance that your restaurant is carefully following the recommended COVID-19 Safe Operating Guidance and is ready for business.

As you re-open, we invite you to take the ServSafe Dining Commitment

along with our Dining Partners.

The ServSafe Dining Commitment

The ServSafe Dining Commitment is a part of a multi-faceted multi-million dollar program designed to showcase the restaurants who have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to the health and safety of their employees and guests by signing the ServSafe Dining Commitment. 

The program will be supported by a national advertising campaign inviting diners back into your restaurants and to your tables. The campaign will take place across broadcast, print, and digital platforms and will feature the ServSafe Dining Commitment logo and urging diners to learn more about the steps restaurants are taking to keep them safe. When diners observe the Commitment logo decal on a restaurant window, returning diners know your restaurant is following the Association’s COVID-19 Safe Operating Guidance, local guidelines, and have ServSafe certified employees.  

Peace of Mind for Returning Diners

Welcome diners back into your dining room by giving them the peace of mind that your restaurant adheres to the ServSafe Dining Commitment. Your participation will help you:  ​ 

  • Spread the word that you are open for business
  • Reassure customers that your restaurant is trained in new food and serving safety procedures
  • Increase the frequency of on-premise dining
  • Move customer sentiment back towards dining out

      Adhere to the National Restaurant Association COVID-19 Safe Operating Guidance  and/or your corporate brand guidelines. Corporate brand guidelines should be based on the FDA and CDC’s COVID-19 best practices for restaurants focusing on:

  • Food Safety
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Employee Health Monitoring and Personal Hygiene 
  • Social Distancing

You Can Make the ServSafe Dining Commitment in 4 Easy Steps:

      Adhere to the laws and guidelines of your state and local municipalities

      A minimum of one person per location with a valid ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification (best practices for all managers)

      Have 75% of all employees trained as a ServSafe Food Handler and take ServSafe’s COVID-19 Training (free)

* All training is subject to validation





2020 Commitment Decals

  • Digital decal for use on websites, apps, emails, and other assets
  • Hi-res image for door decals, menus, and business cards

Record of Commitment

Coupon for a 20% Discount on ServSafe Products

Access to ServSafe Library of Food Safety Posters

Digital Marketing Kit

  • Link to the COVID-19 Safe Operating Guidance document
  • ServSafe Commitment logos
  • An article explaining the ServSafe Commitment
  • Social media strategy document with sample posts
  • An email marketing template to use to send to customers
  • ServSafe Commitment brand guidelines and logo use policy

As a ServSafe Dining Commitment Participant You Will Receive:

Ready to Make the Commitment? You Will Need:

  • A designated contact person
  • Restaurant information (including address, restaurant type, number of employees at the restaurant location)
  • Name of your restaurant’s ServSafe Food Protection Manager and ServSafe Food Handlers
  • Employee’s certificate numbers for the valid ServSafe Food Protection Manager and the ServSafe Food Handlers

Make the Commitment to Better Food Safety

Supporting Partners:

The information you share will be used to help diners discover your restaurant using our location finder map at ServSafeDining.org

(Name you would like to appear in the search tool on ServSafeDining.org)

The ServSafe Commitment is a voluntary program whose recommendations are intended to complement existing federal, state, and local guidance or regulations concerning cleaning and sanitation, personal hygiene, social distancing, and health monitoring. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the FDA Food Code requirements, and all guidance that the CDC, FDA, and state and local health officials may require as the states or local jurisdictions begin to reopen their economies. The ServSafe Commitment does not constitute medical or legal advice and makes no claims that following this guidance will prevent the transmission of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease.

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